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Now, ‘toilet poems’ to save paper

Now, ‘toilet poems’ to save paper

Tokyo: Poetry in the loo can cut down on paper use too, says a Japanese group campaigning to save toilet paper as part of the country’s battle against global warming.
Simply pasting a “toilet poem” at the eye level of a person seated in the cubicle can help cut toilet paper use by up to 20 percent, a study by the research centre Japan Toilet Labo showed.
“That paper will meet you only for a moment,” reads one poem. “Fold the paper over and over and over again,” says another. Or just: “Love the toilet.” Now the group is looking to have its posters displayed in 1,000 public toilets. “We asked ourselves what we could do for the environment in the toilet?” said Ryusuke Nagahara of the Japan Toilet Labo. “The answer is to save toilet paper and save water.”Toilet paper use in Japan has been increasing in recent years. REUTERS

Nifty Future View Jan 22 2008

if Nifty Future go to cross the level of 2713 then it cam go up to the level of 2747, 2758 to 2800 but if Nifty Future go to break the level of 2677 & then after 2669 then it can go below the level of 2646, 2577 to 2484

Happy & Safe Trading


Sania Mirza crashes out of Australian Open


India's campaign in the Australian Open singles came to an end with Sania Mirza crashing out of the women's section with a 3-6, 2-6 los Sania Mirzas at the hands of 10th seed Russian Nadia Petrova in the second round on Wednesday. (Watch )

he Indian, who is making a comeback after undergoing a wrist injury, had to blame herself for the loss as she squandered crucial break points against Petrova, who hardly left any room for errors.
The unseeded Indian did improve her ground strokes and made the Russian do some running around with some stunning double-handed backhand winners. But Sania lacked consistency and failed to maintain the intensity.

Petrova had a very good serve and hit seven aces while Sania could manage only two. She committed three double faults too.

At times, Sania engaged Petrova in long rallies, but failed to execute a plan to recover points.

In crunch situations, the Russian held her nerve and served extremely well to thrash the Indian.
Sania will now partner American Vania King in the doubles and in the mixed doubles will team up with compatriot Mahesh Bhupathi. READMORE...

Obama Takes Office With World Economy in Crisis

Barack Obama took office on Tuesday with bank shares tumbling, Japanese consumer sentiment slumping, and the car sector teetering. The first African-American to become U.S. president swore to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against a backdrop of a deep economic downturn, a trillion dollar federal deficit and fears of more bank losses.

Economic doldrums deepen, world waits on Obama

LONDON (Reuters) - Pressure on incoming U.S. President Barack Obama to act quickly on the global financial crisis was underlined on Tuesday by tumbling bank shares, a slump in Japanese consumer sentiment and a teetering car sector.
The first African-American to become U.S. president will take his oath against a backdrop of a deep downturn, a trillion dollar federal deficit and fears of more crippling bank losses.

Obama takes office, says 'choose hope over fear'

WASHINGTON: Stepping into history, Barack Hussein Obama grasped the reins of power as America's first black president on Tuesday, saying the nation must choose "hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord" to overcome the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

In frigid temperatures, an exuberant crowd of more than a million packed the National Mall and parade route to celebrate Obama's inauguration in a high-noon ceremony. They filled the National Mall, stretching from the inaugural platform at the U.S. Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial in the distance.

With 11 million Americans out of work and trillions of dollars lost in the stock market's tumble, Obama emphasized that his biggest challenge is to repair the tattered economy left behind by outgoing President George W. Bush.
"Our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions - that time has surely passed," Obama said in an undisguised shot at Bush administration policies. "Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin the work of remaking America." The dawn of the new Democratic era - with Obama allies in charge of both houses of Congress — ends eight years of Republican control of the White House by Bush, who leaves Washington as one of the nation's most unpopular and divisive presidents, the architect of two unfinished wars and the man in charge at a time of economic calamity that swept away many Americans' jobs, savings and homes. Obama's election was cheered around the world as a sign that America will be more embracing, more open to change. "To the Muslim world," Obama said, "we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect." Still, he bluntly warned, "To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West — know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy."

To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history, but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."

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Apne calls ki yu numaish na kar,

Apne fund ki yu aazmaish na kar,

Jo tera hai (profit) tere dar pe khud ayega,

Roz roz use pane ki khwaish na kar..........


Contract killer Asin

Contract killer Asin

Asin refused to sign a contract for London Dreams, which dictated her interaction with the media


Though Tamil actress Asin is just one film old in Bollywood, she has learnt not to bow down to Bollywood ways. Learning from her Ghajini experience, wherein her interaction with the media was curbed, Asin has refused to sign a contract for London Dreams which governed her media interactions.

A source from the industry said, "Asin was irked with Aamir Khan and the production house for having restricted her from interacting with the media during the making of Ghajini, which took almost two years. Ghajini took longer than usual to get made because of a number of reasons — one of them being Aamir's injury. Though a contract bound Asin kept mum about being told not to interact with the media, she was not happy about it. At one point she even raised the issue of being more accessible to the media, but to no effect. But she's turned wiser now. When Vipul Shah, producer of London Dreams asked Asin to sign a contract stating a similar clause, she put her foot down. She turned down the gag contract saying that she wants to be vocal on her accord and does not want to feel caged anymore."
Considering that Asin is an established actress down south and was making her splash in Bollywood to expand her spectrum of work; restricting her interaction with the media was suffocating her.
Asin's father, Joseph
Thottumkal said, "Asin will never enter into any contract with any production as far as media dealings are concerned. Talking or not talking to the media is Asin's call. And she feels that she definitely needs to connect with her fans through the media."
Vipul Shah, director and producer of London Dreams said, "Asin is a very important part of London Dreams. She did express concern, regarding the freedom of speech as far as media protocol goes and I agreed to it. She has been receiving a lot of appreciation for Ghajini and I agree with her when she says that she must connect with her fans by being more visible in the media.

Movie Review - Chandni Chowk To China

Movie Review : Chandni Chowk To China
By AgensisThursday, January 15, 2009

A small village in China is terrorized by one cruel gang lord, Hojo (Gordon). Fed up of his tyrannies, the hapless villagers consult an astrologer who tells them that China’s most famous ancient warrior Liu Sheng has re-incarnated and he is the one who will kill Hojo. cctc18 Movie Review - Chandni Chowk To China

Two villagers go in the hunt of this re-born Liu Sheng which happens to be one staying in the famous Chandni Chowk of Delhi in India

This bloke Siddhu (Akshay) in real is anything but their warrior they are in the look out for. Working in a paratha shop, as a vegetable cutter, the portly Siddhu is forever chasing dreams of a luxurious life without wanting to do hard work to achieve it. His foster father, Dada (Mithun) is fed up of his lethargic ways and always tries to make him realize his hidden potential.

The two Chinese villagers finally find Siddhu and with the help of a fraud Chinese astrologer Chopstick (Ranveer) manage to take him to their village in China. Chopstick too tags along as Siddhu’s translator. During the journey, Siddhu encounters Sakhi (Deepika) a popular model and falls for her instantly but soon his hopes come crashing as he comes across her lethal side of that of a thief.

But little does he know that its not Sakhi but her long lost twin Suzie aka Meow Meow (Deepika again) whom he has got confused with. What happens when Siddhu arrives in the remote Chinese village and how Hojo reacts to his arrival and what it leads to forms the rest of the film!

There had been lots of expectations raised from the slick promos of the film but unfortunately, the film doesn’t really end up being the joy ride it promises to be. The biggest flaw of CC2C lies in its predictable script which packs in all the 70s masala including lost and found, revenge drama, the triumph of good over evil just that the setting is changed from India to China.

The film begins well with a superbly shot fight on the wall of China but then the pace dips as Siddhu’s daily life is introduced. Then again post the interval any average cinegoer can predict what is in store at what intervals and there is where boredom starts creeping in.

You keep looking at your watch hoping it to end. Also, despite a good built up given to Hojo’s Kung Fu expertise and hopes raised about the one on one fight between him and Siddhu, the climax fight ends up being very short and disappointing.

Amongst the most redeemable factors about CC2C is Akshay Kumar. He makes you laugh, cry and cheer for him but then again he is let down by an average script.

But it’s a great treat watching Akshay going back in the action mode and doing some really breathtaking Kung Fu stunts. Deepika Padukone in a double role does well but the chemistry between her and Akki is clearly missing. Gordon Liu as the villain is simply superb. He manages to bring out terror just with a stare. Ranvir is good as usual whereas Mithun impresses in the few sequences that he gets.

The music of the film appears better when watching the songs onscreen as they have been very lavishly picturised, especially the title track. The film scores full marks on the technical front. But we wish we could say the same about the script!

The film is a must see for hardcore Akshay Kumar fans, for the rest well one can only say that if you want to get nostalgic about the 70s cinema with some humor mixed with it then going for this 2 hour 40 minutes film won’t be a bad idea. -Sampurn Media

Chandni Chowk To China: Old wine in new bottle

Rating: 2.5 out of 5*

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Ranvir Shorey, Mithun Chakravorthy and Gordon Liu

Direction: Nikhil Advani


Rahman first Indian to win Golden Globe

Music maestro A R Rahman created history on Sunday night as he became the first Indian to win the prestigious Golden Globe awards
for best original music score for Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire .

The film, with strong Indian connections, emerged as a hot favourite at the Globe, which sets the countdown for next month's Academy awards.

Rahman's song
'Jai Ho,' penned by lyricist Gulzar, was nominated for Best Original Music Score.

'Slumdog' is based on a novel by Indian diplomat Vikash Swarup and stars Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan in lead among others.

Boyle's feel-good film depicts the moving story of a slumdweller Jamaal, who goes on to win USD 20 million on Indian reality show 'Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?' in a bid to win his love back.

12 Jan 2009, 0820 hrs IST, TIMESOFINDIA.COM READMORE...

How to Raise Healthy Kids

Families struggling to raise healthly children in this fast food generation, are turning to organized youth sports to promote life-long healthy habits. Youth sports have many positive influences on the life of a child.

Children who exercise are more likely to continue the practice into adulthood. Regular exercise helps children maintain a healthy weight resulting in a positive self image, especially in girls.

Does your child struggle with self esteem? Children who exercise often have a more positive self image. Research indicates that exercise reduces stress ,depression,anxiety, Not only do children look healthier, they feel healthier!

Kids quickly learn that they have to work together for a common goal and that each person is an important part in achieving that goal. The concept of teamwork is a critical developmental skill that will impact them both socially and academicaly. Many will develop the leadership and initiative to help their team succeed.

Children quickly learn that teamwork is essential to their success. They identify strengths in their peers and find ways to untilize those strengths to acheive their common goal. They learn that it is to their benefit to stop and help a teammate develop a skill and become mentors their peers.

This is a win win situation for both parents and children! Children develop important life skills that will have lasting effects both physically, mentally, cognatively and socially. Parents have the piece of mind of always knowing where their children are and who they are with!

Organized sports are a great way for Children to develop important life skills that will have lasting effects both physically,intellectually and socially. Parents, if you want to know where your children are and who their are with, youth sports can make this dream a reality!

About the Author:
written by Jennifer Dumas READMORE...

Finance Tip of the Day

Have an emergency fund.
Have at least three months' income (some say six) in a high-yield savings account that can be easily accessed.


11-year-old ends life over homework

11-year-old ends life over homework

5 Jan 2009, 0543 hrs IST, Ajinkya Deshmukh & Pranjali Kadhao, TNN

NAGPUR: Life ended cruelly and prematurely for 11-year-old Pallavi Uchitkar. An ace student of Sindhu Girls High School in Jaripatka, Pallavi

attempted suicide by burning herself on December 30 over some homework left incomplete. On Saturday, she succumbed to her burns.

Pallavi, a class six student, excelled in academics and was a fine public speaker, debater, singer and dancer. Her teachers and principal spoke highly of her and had made her a prefect. She was the recipient of many prizes for her talents.

The Uchitkar family had to attend a wedding in Saoner on December 27. Of the four daughters in the family — Arti, Shruti, Sapna and Pallavi; Pallavi was the only one who refused to come to the wedding, worried over her studies. “I was worried over having to leave Pallavi alone, and hence took her along anyway,” said Pallavi’s mother. Upon return from Saoner, the tired family slept and the girls missed a day at school.

Ghajini cheers non-smoking lobby Ameer Khan Movie

‘Ghajini’ cheers non-smoking lobby:

Movie Conveys `No Smoking’ Message With Line ‘Yahan Smoking Allowed Nahi Hain’

Bharati Dubey & Malathy Iyer | TNN

Mumbai: After years of booing actors who light up on screen, anti-tobacco activists seem to have found something to cheer about in Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’. The recently released film is sending out a no-smoking message, earning kudos from long-time crusaders on Saturday.
According to research, 52% of children have their first puff after watching a celebrity light up. Moreover, Union health minister Anbumani Ramadoss had requested Bollywood filmmakers to not show actors smoking on screen.
“We appreciate the efforts of and thank to A Murugadoss, the director of ‘Ghajini’, and Aamir Khan for highlighting such an important issue,’’ said Dr P C Gupta, director of Healis-Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health, who has been in the forefront of the campaign to ban smoking in public places. In ‘Ghajini’, the character played by Jiah Khan is walking down the steps of a mall when she spots some men blowing smoke in people’s faces inside the mall. The camera then pans to a ‘No Smoking’ board before Jiah says, “Yahan smoking allowed nahi hain.’’
When contacted, Murugadoss said, “I have never encouraged smoking in my films. If you look at this film, even the negative characters don’t smoke. In fact, the scene in the film that does have smoking is actually against smoking.’’
The director added, “Youngsters worship actors and follow them blindly. So I always try to project my actors in such a manner that his or her character does not glorify things that are not good.’’
Aamir himself said a balance should be struck between discouraging smoking and ensuring artistic freedom. “I fully support the drive to help people to quit smoking and I would strongly advise the youth not to get into this harmful habit in the first place. However, I don’t think a ban on smoking in films makes sense. Films are a creative medium and are meant to reflect different aspects of life, good and bad. Murder is illegal in real life, but we don’t put a ban on it in films. But we should definitely make every effort to discourage smoking in real life.’’
Regional officer Vinayak Azad, of the Censor Board for Film Certification, said there is still no official ban on smoking in films. “As for ‘Ghajini’ promoting the ban on smoking in public, it is a good thing and more producers should do this through their films,’’ said Azad.
Director Mahesh Bhatt had filed a case against the health ministry’s notification banning smoking on screen. The case is still pending in the Delhi High Court.
Bhatt said, “My writ has put a roadblock in the path of the government’s ban on smoking on screen.’’
It may be noted here that the Union health minister had taken strong objection to Shah Rukh Khan smoking in the film ‘Don’.

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TRADE IDEAS FOR January 2, 2009


1. . . . . . .
2. . . . . . .
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4. Buy Gitanjali - 71.5 - Sl 70 - Tgt 72.75 74.15

5. Buy Neyvelilig - 69.8 - Sl 68.5 - Tgt 71.3 73.25

* If the stock opens more than 2% in adverse direction please discard the call.


Nifty today showed a spurt from 2995 levels to 3015 leaving a gap of 20 points creating an the start of an inverted U. Most probably we should see nifty coming to 2995 -3000 levels tommorow before any upmove.

Otherwise we would be touching the resistance point of 3075 tommorow. As i said in the Blog as a "bling bling" for 2009 - Gitanjali Gems and Jewels, you can accumulate this stock with a medium term veiw.

"Have a nice trading day"


REVIEW: Ghajini

REVIEW: Ghajini

The film seldom gives you a moment to stop and think how stupid it might actually be

Watching him in Ghajini, I don't think I've seen Aamir Khan having this much fun as an actor in a long time.

It's an old-fashioned entertainer with a half-convincing plot, packed with enough gratuitous violence to qualify as a B-movie really; and like the most popular B-movies ever, the biggest strength of Ghajini lies in the fact that it's a fast-moving roller-coaster ride that seldom gives you a moment to stop and think how stupid it might actually be.

In a premise clearly inspired by Christopher Nolan's Memento, Aamir Khan plays Sanjay Singhania, a hot-shot industrialist who turns into an obsessed killing machine dedicated to tracking down his girlfriend's killer. Having been hit on the head with an iron rod, he suffers from short-term memory loss and can't remember anything for longer than 15 minutes; as a result he must tattoo his body with instructions that will lead him to his prey.

Abandoning Memento's fantastic non-linear narrative and opting for the more conventional flashback device, writer-director AR Murgadoss throws in an engaging back-story in the form of leading lady Asin (playing smalltime model Kalpana) and a love story brimming with originality and the kind of gentleness that you don't see at the movies anymore. It's a romance that takes you by surprise, and to an extent puts the film's intense action into perspective too.

Faithful remake of the director's Tamil blockbuster, Ghajini is over-the-top and exaggerated in its comedy, its action and its drama, but what irks you most are the half-dozen or so creative liberties and coincidences that the makers resort to, in order to bail themselves out of tricky screenplay situations. Here's a little sample - you're expected to believe that Sanjay Singhania is a well-known millionaire industrialist, and yet no one has seen him in pictures or in person.

Mr gaurav......I think that you do not know wat movies
are......U do not understand dem

Raunaq Dec 31, 2008 at 12:24 AM

This is a movie from the studio18 stable.........Buzz18
belongs to tv18 ......Same group........Hence the review is
biased.........Infact on moral grounds, rajeev masand should
not review the movie.

i dont think the movie deserves 3 stars. Its below average
and 2 stars is what it deserves and that is what it has got
from so many different reviewers.

dont think that we cannot see through all this.


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