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How to Raise Healthy Kids

Families struggling to raise healthly children in this fast food generation, are turning to organized youth sports to promote life-long healthy habits. Youth sports have many positive influences on the life of a child.

Children who exercise are more likely to continue the practice into adulthood. Regular exercise helps children maintain a healthy weight resulting in a positive self image, especially in girls.

Does your child struggle with self esteem? Children who exercise often have a more positive self image. Research indicates that exercise reduces stress ,depression,anxiety, Not only do children look healthier, they feel healthier!

Kids quickly learn that they have to work together for a common goal and that each person is an important part in achieving that goal. The concept of teamwork is a critical developmental skill that will impact them both socially and academicaly. Many will develop the leadership and initiative to help their team succeed.

Children quickly learn that teamwork is essential to their success. They identify strengths in their peers and find ways to untilize those strengths to acheive their common goal. They learn that it is to their benefit to stop and help a teammate develop a skill and become mentors their peers.

This is a win win situation for both parents and children! Children develop important life skills that will have lasting effects both physically, mentally, cognatively and socially. Parents have the piece of mind of always knowing where their children are and who they are with!

Organized sports are a great way for Children to develop important life skills that will have lasting effects both physically,intellectually and socially. Parents, if you want to know where your children are and who their are with, youth sports can make this dream a reality!

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written by Jennifer Dumas

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