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REVIEW: Ghajini

REVIEW: Ghajini

The film seldom gives you a moment to stop and think how stupid it might actually be

Watching him in Ghajini, I don't think I've seen Aamir Khan having this much fun as an actor in a long time.

It's an old-fashioned entertainer with a half-convincing plot, packed with enough gratuitous violence to qualify as a B-movie really; and like the most popular B-movies ever, the biggest strength of Ghajini lies in the fact that it's a fast-moving roller-coaster ride that seldom gives you a moment to stop and think how stupid it might actually be.

In a premise clearly inspired by Christopher Nolan's Memento, Aamir Khan plays Sanjay Singhania, a hot-shot industrialist who turns into an obsessed killing machine dedicated to tracking down his girlfriend's killer. Having been hit on the head with an iron rod, he suffers from short-term memory loss and can't remember anything for longer than 15 minutes; as a result he must tattoo his body with instructions that will lead him to his prey.

Abandoning Memento's fantastic non-linear narrative and opting for the more conventional flashback device, writer-director AR Murgadoss throws in an engaging back-story in the form of leading lady Asin (playing smalltime model Kalpana) and a love story brimming with originality and the kind of gentleness that you don't see at the movies anymore. It's a romance that takes you by surprise, and to an extent puts the film's intense action into perspective too.

Faithful remake of the director's Tamil blockbuster, Ghajini is over-the-top and exaggerated in its comedy, its action and its drama, but what irks you most are the half-dozen or so creative liberties and coincidences that the makers resort to, in order to bail themselves out of tricky screenplay situations. Here's a little sample - you're expected to believe that Sanjay Singhania is a well-known millionaire industrialist, and yet no one has seen him in pictures or in person.

Mr gaurav......I think that you do not know wat movies
are......U do not understand dem

Raunaq Dec 31, 2008 at 12:24 AM

This is a movie from the studio18 stable.........Buzz18
belongs to tv18 ......Same group........Hence the review is
biased.........Infact on moral grounds, rajeev masand should
not review the movie.

i dont think the movie deserves 3 stars. Its below average
and 2 stars is what it deserves and that is what it has got
from so many different reviewers.

dont think that we cannot see through all this.

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